William Lester Stevens

(1888 – 1969)

Impressionist painter William Stevens was born in Rockport, Massachusetts, where he lived for most of his life.  He attended the Boston Museum School, under teachers Edmund Tarbell, Frank Benson, Philip Hale and William Paxton.  He later was a professor himself, at Princeton and Boston Universities. In 1964, he was honored with having won more awards than any other living artist.

Stevens was a part of the Boston School, which included both traditionalists and impressionists, whom were against abstract art. Stevens primarily painted landscapes, portraits, and still lifes.

He helped to found the Rockport Art Association in 1921. Stevens was very interested in making art more accessible to common people.

Paintings From This Artist

Painting of William Lester Stevens (Am. 1888 – 1969) Light Under the Bridge

Light Under the Bridge

Sugar House painting by William Lester Stevens

Sugar House