Richard Hayley Lever


Richard Hayley Lever was born in Adelaide, Australia in 1876. He moved to New York City in 1911 at the urging of a fellow Impressionist painter. He created paintings of famous New York landscapes, such as Central Park and the Hudson River. He started traveling to Gloucester, Massachusetts during the summers and painting the east coast scenes.

Back in New York City, Lever taught at the Art Students League from 1919 to 1931. He traveled to many different East Coast locations for his work, and became known as a distinguished artist. In the summer of 1928, Lever was painting in Nantucket wearing his blue Brittany fisherman’s jacket, and an island newspaper reporter wrote in August that the “Noted Marine Painter is here.” He traveled farther too, such as Nova Scotia in Canada, the Bahamas, and even Europe occasionally, all to pursue his painting. His philosophy remained, “Art is the re-creation of mood in line, form and color.”