Mary Cable Butler

(1865 – 1946) Painter Mary Cable Butler was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and was involved with art in her... View Article

Paul Strisik

(1918-1998) Paul Strisik is best known as a plein air painter, painting landscapes from his travels that conveyed his devotion... View Article

Robert Emmett Owen

(1878 – 1957) Robert Emmett Owen was born in North Adams, Massachusetts, where he studied fine art at the Drury... View Article

Samuel A. Kilbourne

(1836 – 1881) Samuel A. Kilbourne was born in Bridgetown, Maine. He began with painting landscapes, but he started painting... View Article

Sidney Laurence

Located in Bolton, Massachusetts,Farrell Fine Arts is active primarily in American impressionism with a strong emphasis on Cape Ann, Cape... View Article

Walter Farndon

(1876-1964) Walter Farndon was born in Coventry, England in 1876. He moved to America and studied at the National Academy... View Article

William Lester Stevens

(1888 – 1969) Impressionist painter William Stevens was born in Rockport, Massachusetts, where he lived for most of his life. ... View Article