Edward A. Page

(1850 – 1928) Edward Page was born in Groveland, Massachusetts in 1850, and studied under George Morse in Boston. He... View Article

Emile Gruppe

(1896 – 1978) Emile Gruppe was born in Rochester, New York, and served one year in the Navy in 1917,... View Article

Frank A. Bicknell

A prominent resident of Old Lyme, Connecticut, Frank Bicknell remains a bit of a mystery in that no photograph of... View Article

Jay Hall Connaway

(1893 – 1970) Jay Connaway had many jobs beside a painter, and all throughout the United States. These included a... View Article

Jeff Weaver

(1954 – Present) Jeff Weaver was born in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1953. He began painting and drawing the waterfronts of... View Article