John Joseph Enneking

(1841 – 1916)

Painter and Illustrator John Joseph Enneking was born in Minster, Ohio in 1841. He began to paint at the age of five, and took his first art classes at St. Mary’s College in Cincinnati.

In 1868 Enneking moved to Boston where he studied under Samuel Gerry in lithography and painting. He and his family moved to Europe for four years, where he studied landscape painting at the Munich Academy in Germany and figure painting in Paris.

Enneking returned to Boston in 1876, settling with his family near Hyde Park, where he owned a studio. His first solo exhibition was in 1878, and it truly sealed his reputation and career. He sold illustrations to Scribner’s, Harpers and other magazines. He also taught private art lessons.

Later in life he moved to Maine, near New Hampshire, where he painted the White Mountains. He also frequently traveled south to Duxbury and Cape Cod.

Paintings From This Artist

Docked” / East Gloucester painting by Joseph Eliot Enneking

“Docked” / East Gloucester