Edmund W. Greacen


Edmund W. Greacen created many colorful Impressionist paintings in oil on canvas and board between 1905 and 1935. He decided to pursue the career of an artist when he enrolled in the William M. Chase School of Art. His wife, Ethol Booth, was the primary model for his en plein air paintings.

Edmund Greacen began exhibiting his French oils at New York City art shows and galleries in 1909. He joined the National Arts Club and started The Manhattan School of Art with another artist.

Greacen won a $1000 prize for his show at the the Macbeth Gallery in 1922, and was elected an Associate Member and an Academician in the National Academy of Design in 1935. This was after he had already begun another art school in New York, The Grand Central School of Art, in 1924.