Anthony Thieme


Thieme started traveling at a young age, and studied art in many different places, including Naples, Paris, Dusseldorf, and the Hague. He became proficient in oil painting, watercolor, printmaking, and drawing.Thieme, at the suggestion of a fellow artist, summered at Rockport in Cape Ann, and found his favorite subject to paint, the angular, red-painted, lobster buoy-covered Motif #1.  It is estimated that Thieme painted the fishing shack 400 times on different canvases.

Anthony Thieme received many awards during his career, including the Delano Prize from the New York Watercolor Club, and the Athenaeum Prize at the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts; the Lucien Powell Citizen Jury Prize from the Los Angeles Museum (1931); the Gold Medal for the Best Painting in New England by the Contemporary Artists Association (1944); and an award for the best marine painting at the Pan-American Art Show in Miami (1949).

Paintings From This Artist

Up Hill Winter – Rockport Painting by Anthony Thieme

Up Hill Winter – Rockport

Gloucester Boat Painting by Anthony Thieme

Gloucester Boat

Fishing Smacks – Gloucester painting by Anthony Thieme

Fishing Smacks – Gloucester

Painting of Anthony Thieme (Am. 1888 – 1954) Docked – Gloucester

Docked – Gloucester

Painting of Anthony Thieme (Am. 1888 – 1954) Fish Shacks – Rockport

Fish Shacks – Rockport

Blossom Time by Anthony Thieme

Blossom Time

Net Menders painting by Anthony Theime

Net Menders - Motif #1, Rockport