Lester Alphonso Gillette

(1855 – 1940)

Lester Gillette

Harbor, Gloucester

Lester Alphonso Gillette was born in 1855 in Ohio. He later moved to San Francisco, where he studied painting for four years at the California School of Design. He studied under various artists on the New England Coast and around America, and graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago.

In 1920, Gillette became a full-time painter. He worked mainly in Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, and along the New England Coast. He was a member of the Topeka Art Guild, Miami Art Association, Gloucester Society of Artists, and the North Shore Art Association. He had many exhibitions, including 1st Annual Kansas Artists Exhibition, 1925; the 4th Annual Kansas Artists Exhibition, 1928; a joint exhibition with George Stone at Washburn College, Topeka, 1929; the 5th Annual Kansas Artists Exhibition, 1929; and the 16th Annual Kansas Artists Exhibition, 1940.

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