The Importance of Arts in Education

March 12, 2018

Remember the days as a school kid when art class let you explore and develop skills and talent beyond that acquired through math and science courses? Unfortunately, art in education has been on the decline in recent years, in favor of focusing more on math and reading. One reason for this decline is to raise test scores, a major aim of the No Child Left Behind Act. Art is not limited to visual arts such as painting, drawing, and sculpting; art can include performance art, such as music, dance, and theater. There’s evidence, though, that incorporating art in school curriculum can actually help students excel in their other courses. Following this logic, let’s explore why art in education is so important:

  • Enhanced creativity – It might be a little redundant to say but the arts provide a more creative outlet for children to express themselves than math, science, and history courses allow. Art educators may task student with creating a painting or other visual art piece that expresses a memory, for example.
  • Improved academic performance – Art provides children and adults alike an outlet to express themselves freely. Through art, they learn to conceptualize of analyze things in a different light, which they can apply to their other courses if they’re struggling with grasping a topic or something to that effect. The arts have been proven to develop, strengthen, and enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills, which are core elements in early education.
  • Collaboration – The performance arts require teamwork so that each member can contribute to the whole. In band, each instrument is an integral part of the whole song and, whatsmore, the players must practice together to synchronize. Similarly, in theater, a successful show requires active participation and attendance from the whole cast.

At Farrell Fine Arts, we understand the importance of art in education and advocate for preserving this essential curriculum in school. There are so many benefits to studying art that extend beyond this list. Art opens the door for creativity and can even lead to a productive hobby for people of all ages. For all your fine arts needs, questions, and inquiries, visit the contact page of our website.