The History of Artists in Cape Ann

February 7, 2018

While our gallery is located in Bolton, MA, we source a great many of the paintings we sell from artists on the north shore, namely Cape Ann, which includes both Gloucester and Rockport. Cape Ann holds a special place in our hearts as the paintings we source from there are rife with coastal and harbor scenes. There’s something soothing about the coast and water that makes it the picturesque setting for a painting. Let’s explore a few prominent artists from the area:

  • Anthony Thieme – Though he studied art throughout Europe, in cities such as Paris, Dusseldorf, and Naples, among others, Thieme often spent the summer months in Cape Ann. There, he painted a good deal of coastal, harbor, and inland scenes, including Motif Number 1, which is a replica of a former fishing shack, located on Bradley Wharf in Rockport. You may be surprised to learn that Thieme painted Motif Number 1 an estimated 400 times, as it was his favorite subject to paint.
  • George Wainwright Harvey – Born in Gloucester, early on in his life, Harvey was captivated by the enticing marine and landscape scenes in the Cape Ann region. In Holland, Harvey studied at the Hague School of Painting, which was of great influence on his work. One of his most famous paintings is Haystacks of Cape Ann, which is a landscape piece.
  • William Lester Stevens – Stevens was born and raised in Rockport, MA. His primary focus was on landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. After studying at the Boston Museum School, Harvey went on to become a professor, lecturing at both Princeton University and Boston University. In 1921, he was involved in founding the Rockport Art Association, as he wanted to make art more available and accessible to everybody, not just the elite.

At Farrell Fine Arts, we take great pride in sourcing our paintings from local artists. Most of the paintings we acquire are from the American Impressionist era (late 19th and early 20th centuries). Visit our paintings page to see what’s available. If you’re interested in a piece, though, we suggest you contact us at your earliest convenience via our contact page. Our paintings are on a first come, first served basis, so don’t delay. Choose Farrell Fine Arts for the next addition to your collection.