What Makes New England Special for Artists?

September 13, 2017

New England is renowned for its spectacular fall foliage, lush village greens, ivy covered buildings, and of course its rich history. Artists have long been capturing every nook and cranny of this charming region for centuries. From the the coastal towns and broad sandy beaches of Cape Cod, to the craggy shores of Maine, the New England states are like no other region of the United States They are so geographically, culturally, and visually unique that they make for breathtaking paintings. As artists and collectors of American Impressionism, Farrell Fine Arts is always pursuing those special coastal or harbor scenes, quintessential images of small New England towns, or rare Grand Banks fishing scenes. Here are just a few of the scenes that make New England so special to artists and why we value the art captured in this region.


Coastal Scenes – Like any great work of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Within each of the collections offered and sought after by our gallery, viewers can almost smell the salty ocean breeze from the boats docked in Gloucester Harbor, feel the spray of sea salt as it beats against the rocks on the back shore of Cape Ann, and hear the lapping of water against shells and rocks along Cape Cod’s inner harbor. Capturing the beauty of nature is just one focus of the artists we display and collect.


Fishing Scenes – There is nothing more grand than the sight of a sailboat with its sail raised making headway as it leaves one of New England’s many harbors. Many of our favorite collections include scenes like Motif #1 and the surrounding boats in Rockport Harbor, the fishing boats of the Grand Banks and maritime scenes that are so calming and awe inspiring around this area.


Nature Scenes – New England’s interior also offers amazing views of forests, rivers and streams, as well as traditional covered bridges, maple sugaring taps, and, of course the firework-like display of the foliage that returns like clockwork every Autumn.


New England is ripe with images around every bend. Visit our collections, artists, and inventories that highlight the special character we have here in New England.