The Value of Art as an Investment

August 25, 2017

Art can evoke emotions, be inspirational, and create thought-provoking viewpoints. The aesthetic, cultural, and historical value of a painting can be limitless. For most buyers, art is chosen based upon the pleasure and enlightenment it brings. For other art collectors, a piece is chosen based upon investment considerations.

While most experts agree that art is an asset, they are a bit more guarded in their estimation that art is an investment. Art can and does appreciate over time, but how each piece fits into your portfolio is variable based upon the quality and rarity of the item. Most art owners have a broad range of traditional and nontraditional assets including: stocks, bonds, investments, and savings accounts. Art can be an integral part of these investments, but should not be relied on as a source of revenue as the art market is fairly volatile. Farrell Fine Arts understands the art market and retains the highest quality paintings from noted artists for our clients who are looking for both an investment as well as a piece they can admire for a lifetime.

If you are making your purchase based on the booming art market in hopes of making the investment count, then you should weigh the following considerations:

  • Research the artist who catches your eye.
  • Learn about the education, commissions, and exhibits of the artist.
  • Visit museums, galleries, and exhibitions to recognize trends and up-and-coming artists as well as proven artists.
  • Get professional advice and an appraisal to be sure your choice is high quality and will bring you the return you are hoping for.
  • Call the gallery at Farrell Fine Arts at (401) 439-0576, or view our collections and artists on our website to aid in your choice.